The Daiquiri

An icon of the tiki movement for generations the daiquiri is the quintessential rum cocktail. The Daiquiri takes it's name from a beach in Santiago de Cuba and has some story about an iron mine and a guy named Jennings Cox, I really don't care. In reality, the combination of rum, lime, and sugar is tied to naval history and the daiquiri is predated by a number of drinks. In the end, the daiquiri won the day and is the staple cocktail build utilizing a classic 2:1:1 (this is debatable). Traditionally a white rum is called for and Plantation 3 Star or Flor de Cana Seco will fit the bill quite well. If you find yourself craving the finer things in life I could recommend a number funkier rums including Appleton, Smith & Cross, Wray & Nephew (DO IT!), or just about anything you prefer. For my daiquiri, I like to zest a bit of fresh lime into the shaker for added effect.



2 Parts White Rum

1 Part Fresh Lime

1 Part Simple Syrup (1:1)

Zest of Half Lime


Add Ingredients. Shake. Double Strain into chilled coupe or martini glass.



NOTES: The daiquiri is very easy to modify and tweak a dash of Angostura or salt are easy starting places. Try different syrups or base spirits (Fernet and amaro daiquiris are easy as hell and people will think you’re really clever) and have fun in the world of rum there is as there is a lot to know.

Spencer Schultz