The Old Fashioned

Likely the most requested cocktail the world over the Old Fashioned is equal parts simplicity, booze, and misunderstanding. Structurally an 'Old Fashion' is a traditional "Cocktail", that is a drink comprised of spirit, sugar, & bitters. Considering the ridiculously straight forward nature of this drink it’s still insane how many bartenders mess this one up. At the house I'd recommend skipping the muddled orange & cherry and instead experiment with different spirits and bitters.



  • Stir Bourbon, Syrup, and Bitters and strain over a large rock.

  • Express lemon peel over drink.

  • Enjoy.


The old fashion is the most recognizable traditional cocktail and a logical place to start for any home bar enthusiast.  The formula is simple and will work with any flavor combination you enjoy. Here are a few time-tested libations to get you started, and remember…

Spirit + Sugar + Bitters = Cocktail


The Toronto

2 Rye + Bar Spoon Rich Syrup + Bar spoon Fernet Branca + Orange Peel


Rum Old Fashion

1 ½ oz Jamaican Rum (Appleton) + ½ Funky Rum (Smith & Cross. Hamilton 151) + Bar Spoon Rich Syrup + 2 Drops Tiki Bitter + 2 Drops Angostura  + Lime Peel


Oaxacian Old Fashion

1 ½ Reposado Tequila + ½ Mezcal + ¼ Agave Syrup + 3 Drops Mole Bitters + Grapefruit Peel

Spencer Schultz