Our Story


A bit about us…

With a lifetime of restaurant and bar experience we started ‘Bad Art Cocktail Co.’ in 2019 to simplify the process of making great drinks fast. We’ve had the opportunity to work and manage some great bars in Asheville including Chai Pani, MG Road, Rhubarb, and the Admiral. Over the years we’ve spent our free time slowly developing our business and in 2019 we are excited to announce the launch of ‘Bad Art Cocktail Co’. Our aim is to create a truly Asheville business one that celebrates the weirdness, creativity, and incredible talent that our weird little city has to over. Working with local artist to develop our brand and products is something we’re incredibly excited about.


Simply put I believe drinks should be fast, they should be approachable, and god forbid fun. We developed a line of draft cocktails to help expedite service at bars where things can get a bit bogged down. The thought was simple if we put the work in ahead of time we can speed things up without sacrificing quality. We put a focus on simple and approachable flavors with a modern twist. From music venues and restaurants, to cocktail bars Bad Art Cocktail Co. draft sodas provide the craft cocktail experience without the 15 minutes it can take to get a drink.

After launching our draft business in 2019 our aim is to bring high quality cocktail products to the home enthusiast starting with line of cocktail bitters and moving into a line of mixes for the home bartender.